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Our Services

Mutual Support Group :

Mutual Support Group offers regular gathering for men so as to develop mutual support among themselves.

Therapeutic Group :

The group enhances the emotional well-being of men by delivering therapeutic approaches in group settings.

Fatherhood Training :

Training and counselling are given to participants in small groups to enhance their skills as fathers in caring for and communicating with their children, as well as in enhancing their family relationships.

Family Activities :

Organizing family activities to promote interactions between men and their family members.

Seminars :

We invite professionals to deliver talks on topics such as men's health, marriage, and legal information so as to equip participants with relevant knowledge they need in their lives.

Life-rebuilding Class :

We provide a diversity of training workshops on life skills in which men can explore new interest or enhance their competencies.

Community Education :

We organize road shows, exhibitions and community performances to promote emotional well-being of men.