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The Art of Disciplining

In raising your children, effective communication facilitates positive discipline and prevent grave conflicts in the future.

(1)Nurture the relationship:By doing wonderful things together that the unconditional love of parents is conveyed and a closer relationship is built. There will be plenty of opportunities for exchanges and communications in engaging in activities that you and your children enjoy. For example, you and your spouse can play ball games, board games, or video games regularly with their children. Forget about what troubles you, including their school results, and do not let this interfere with your amazing time together.

(2)Discipline with reason and restraint:When your child refuses to cooperate, use mild but firm words to express your expectations clearly and explain the consequences. Avoid being repetitive so that you would not be too annoying. Letting them bear reasonable consequences upon disobeying is often good enough. Additional criticisms and condemnation are not necessary.

(3)Control your anger:It is advisable to calm down when your children show unreasonable behaviour and make you angry. Resist resolving the issue immediately. Tell your children that you need to calm down and that you will deal with the issue a while later.

(4)Train your negotiating skills:As your children are growing up, they develop their own points of views. Be open to discuss your views with them when they are reluctant to act according to your expectations. Often there needs to be negotiations and concessions from both sides in the process of finding a solution that both sides consider acceptable. You may even make amendments to an agreement together if it does not work out well. Doing this together enhances communication and understanding.