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About Us

Introduction to the Organisation

Established in 1949, the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) is one of the major charitable non-governmental social welfare organisations in Hong Kong. With a “family-centric” perspective, we are committed to delivering quality and professional social services to enhance the wellbeing of families and individuals in Hong Kong and foster a caring community.

Introduction to Our Project

Nowadays, men often quietly bear burden not known to others—mid-life crisis, tensions in marriage, illnesses, unemployment, etc. There has been a huge need for social services for men. Since 2000, the Society has been actively developing services for men in response to the pressure they face in life. In the past several years, there has been an increasing number of men taking part in our Project. In 2017, we once again received subsidies from a charity fund in sponsorship of our men project – “HE.MEN – Hear Men” project for two years. Enabling us to continue offering our services for men in the community.

Objectives of Our Project

Our Project aims at helping men cope with day-to-day stress, enhancing their self-understanding and fostering mutual support among members through different activities of the project. The Project also offers brief counselling, or referral services to men in need.


Walking hand in hand for a healthy living

Eligible Participants

Men above 18 years old who experience different levels of day-to-day stress.